Over Gamification of 2wift

(TIL there’s a whole load of Zwift animated GIFs at GoZwift GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY)


The single most annoying thing about the fire trail is that in the default camera view I can’t see my own fire trail, which is shame because it’s clearly the most ace fire trail.


fire trails should only happen once you hit 88 mph and not before.


The ‘Z’ is having a hard time at the moment, reputationally, so maybe it’s to show support for Ukraine?

Or just a typo

Something else that occurred to me is that kids love that kind of stuff - and it’s a good idea to keep them interested in a game that involves real exercise, especially these days with child obesity at its highest.

My son is 11 and he gets very animated about ‘the next level’ / power-ups etc. when he plays other games. Being able to pimp your avatar is a big thing - just look at Fortnite.

So, yeah, all good but please let people opt out either with a profile switch or by keeping it to certain bike races, groups, or special occasions.