Over estimated FTP and Performance

Hi Guys

Something s wrong with my zwift performance
This is far beyond what i can do
Confirmed even today climbing zwift alp in less than 40 minutes and close to 400 ftp
i am using the Smart Elite Tuo HT coupled with Zwift. and both confirm it’s calibrated
My FTP is also obviously overestimated: 397 (before today climb 275 ftp which is already overestimated)

Also, when i increase resistance of the wheel to the HT to have more realistic performance, i am not able to calibrate on zwift and elite. Once i even damaged my HT wheel by increasing the resistance
Weight is normal: 75kg
bike weight: 13 kg

Please help me out. What s wrong? Not so fun to practice feeling like a cheater

Don’t use Zwift for calibration. If you calibrate using the Elite app and get wild numbers, contact Elite support or post on the Elite forum. As with any wheel-on trainer the usual suggestions apply: use a trainer tire, inflate to the pressure recommended by Elite, tension the trainer against the tire according to the manufacturer’s spec. If you’re doing all that and it still doesn’t work properly, it’s time to contact Elite.

Thank you very much Paul

i ll contact them
Indeed, i use trainer tire
resistance for me seems light but again increasing resisitance do not allow calibration. Normal tire pressure

if any other clue guys, here i am

The DC Rainmaker review has this advice about setup. How does this compare to your process?

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Thank you Paul
calibration finally worked…:sunny::sunny::sunny:
You rock

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