Outside Magazine Article "Zwift Already Transformed Indoor Training. What's Next?"

There are a few clues to what might be new still this year in the article. Also, 1.1 million users, I don’t think I’ve seen that number reported before. BTW, that’s $198,000,000 in revenue per year… doesn’t seem right. I’m betting the 1.1 million users includes those that are suspended and not currently paying the monthly fees.

there will be more new roads released this year, more (virtual) swag to snag, and more freedom to ride in the world of your choice.


Sounds good. We already expect the Park Road off the new Watopia Flat expansion ( Mr. Minn,Take down those orange walls, well cones). And Harrogate seems likely for early September. Swag for levels 51-75 should be coming (Please, give us some good stuff.) More freedom of choice? Maybe three courses instead of two? Plus, I assume Zwift Academy announcement/early sign-up next month? Maybe a Tour de France surprise??? I really want to see a Zwift Arc de Triumph on the Champs - Élysées.