Out-of-Category warning during A race

I received an out-of-category warning during an A race. I’m not sure what to do, as there isn’t anywhere further to upgrade. What am I supposed to do to remain above-board and prevent any trouble down the road?

Check your setup. What sort of watts were you putting out? And what is your setup?

I was using a quarq D4, which I zero-offset immediately before and keep the firmware up-to-date on. I am convinced it is reading accurately, as I am an experienced power user and get highly similar readings between that, an NGeco on my TT bike, my Kickr, and lab tests I’ve done. I did a bit over 7.5 w/kg for a minute in the race that I got the notification in, and 6.5 w/kg for 5 minutes the week before. I achieved very similar power in a lab test on an SRM Science power meter in the fall, so I am convinced the data are valid. I haven’t been given a ZRVG notification on ZwiftPower, but do I need to verify my numbers to zwift directly?