Our #1 Crash. Can't repro. Suspect World Swap

(Will) #1

Hello Zwifters!
Our dev team is trying to track a crash that appears related to swapping worlds.
Crash first appeared in January
It’s only affecting 1 % or so of sessions, and mainly Samsung devices with Adreno Gpus.
If anyone is crashing, especially consistently, please post here.
I want to try and tie a real-world crash, to our crash data.
Thank you!

(Michael Tucker) #2

Hi Will,
The only time I have had Zwift crash is when I connect or disconnect the keyboard cover on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. It will crash consistently every time. The screen goes blue and the Android “Zwift has stopped. Send feedback…” popup appears. This isn’t a massive problem for me as I rarely need to connect or disconnect the keyboard whilst Zwifting but occasionally I will accidentally knock it loose which leads to the crash. I can provide logs etc if this is useful to you.