Other Riders Disappeared

(Gareth Enticott) #1

About 15 mins into ride, all other riders disappeared. My data continued to be displayed, and leaderboards flashed up at KOMs / finish line, but no riders were on the course and the list of riders on right hand side of the screen also vanished.

(Reinier PAAUWE PelotonRacing) #2

This happens to me too after the 1/30 update.
Also not sure if it’s related but when I reached level 12 there were no achievements unlocked and no target for level 13.
My Internet connection is strong.

(DJ Trump[MAGA]) #3

I got this today as well…the list goes away but all the races work

(Karl Litterer) #4

I was seeing this same behavior today. I have been on the island for over a month and this is the first time it has happened to me. There were 40+ riders when I first started and everything was good for about the first lap. Then everyone disappeared. After a few minutes, the screen locked for about a second and everyone re-appeared. This happened a few times over the course of my next lap. I finally dropped off as it was hard to ride alone.

(Gareth Enticott) #5

I’d say in my case it could well have been my wifi connection. Sometimes I do get connection problems in the room I’m in. But I would have thought it would have been a temporary problem and reconnected after a while, but that didn’t happen. Ill keep an eye on that next time.

(Greg Woitzik) #6

I did a quick ride this afternoon and happened to me for the first 40 mins. I rode solo for 95% of it with riders appearing and then disappearing shortly after. The last 20 mins worked normally. Maybe a server issue?

(. shep) #7

had the same issue today on a short ride, all riders disappeared fro leader boards, and rode solo on the island. did not stay on long enough to see what the end result was. overall, the game is a great moticaing tool and works well with a fast internet connection and a good computer/graphics card.

(Richard Pointer) #8

Same thing happened to me yesterday starting at 3 pm EST. Very sure it was not my internet connection. First time that it has happened to me.

(Karl Litterer) #9

Mine was around 3PM yesterday as well.

(Greg Woitzik) #10

I put a support ticket in and Zwift confirmed it was a server side issue. They are working to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Fyi-did a 4hr ride this morning with no issues.

(Bryan Chen) #11

Same issue happened to me as well for part of the ride on 1/31 around noon PST. I just assumed perhaps there was some server reboot on zwift’s side or something. My internet connection didn’t seem down or anything.

(David L. Virginia) #12

This happened to, riders list disappeared, riders and ghost riders. my internet connection was solid.

(John Blumenthal) #13

This happened to me today. Rode solo for last half of ride. What happened? Wifi connection strong. It was about 4:30pm est.