Other Riders - Can I Get Rid of Em!

Former competitive runner disabled by the flu shot in 2017, so now ride the bike indoors for exercise. So glad to have found Zwift and this is my first post here.

I searched and found message posts from folks who aren’t seeing other riders, but I have the opposite problem. I don’t want to see any other riders, in video or on the course line. Is it possible to turn other riders completely off, or is this something Zwift will consider adding in the future?

Also… my pedaling effort is waaaay harder than it should be. Can anyone using a Kickr Snap trainer tell me what they do to connect to Zwift, from the very first thing they do through riding a course? I’m still in my eval period and am wondering whether I should give up - cycling should not be like lifting weights.

I have done the spindown (Android) and then connected to Zwift through my Windows PC / Bluetooth. Wahoo has told me there are issues with Bluetooth and I’d be better served if I used Ant+. Not sure I want to spend $35 on a dongle that may or may not resolve the issue. Thanks in advance for helpful replies.


The first one, all you need to do is Log into Zwift, Select a World/Route, once you have spawned on the side of the road you can disconnect/disable your local network connection on the device you are using for Zwift and you will be alone on the roads. Near the end of your ride you will need to reconnect so your ride can be recorded on the Zwift servers and uploaded to 3rd party sites.

I would also recommend an ANT+ dongle.


Ant+ normally fixes connectivity issues but it doesn’t sound like that’s what’s happening. I’m guessing you’ve done all the standard things like inflating tyre to 100-110 psi? Gears do make a difference so make sure you are in the right gear for you. Connection would be pair kickr snap as controllable in zwift, click ride. Try tempus fugit in watopia it’s flat. Sometimes new people don’t realise they are going up a hill and wonder why it’s hard.

You can turn off internet like Paul said but if you just want to see less people riding in the opposite direction gets rid of a good number of people.

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Thank you for your reply, Ben. I didn’t realize one can ride against the normal flow…I’ll have to figure out how to do that. Will also take a look at Tempus Fugit. Thank you again for your reply.