OSX crashing often since 5/3/2017 update

I have Zwift running on a Mac Mini using the latest version of OSX, 10.12.4.  It crashed 3 times today trying to do a group ride, then just a ride by myself twice. Since the update it has done this a number of times… not every time, but often. Prior to the 5/3 update, I never had any problem with the program crashing.  I’m using the mobile app with BLE speed, cadence, and heart on a Elite Qubo Fluid trainer.

Additionally, the Zwift program occasionally stops receiving the BLE signal (also new) for 15-20 seconds which stops the avatar for about the same time.  The device is seen in Settings -> Bluetooth if I scan for it during the outage. Sensor has new battery, phone (HTC 10) on handlebars, 802.11n WiFi within 15 feet.

Is there any way to revert to the last version until the next (hopefully fixing this) update?

I would recommend submitting a ticket with your log files from your rides after the update.


You will not be able to us an old version of the software and be able to connect to the Zwift servers, there would be a mismatch in the versions and connection would fail.

We aren’t aware of any new crashes, so submit a ticket via that link with your Apple crash log, and we’ll be able to help you from there.

I was in a middle of a training session and the application crashed too. I have submitted a ticket earlier and uploaded the log.