Organic Mode

(Bruce Rees) #1

I think it would be nice to have an option to ride sometimes in a “de-gamified” mode, just  power/speed/cadence/distance/time/elevation stats with no other prompts (eg “Close the Gap”), powerups or bots on the road, just the scenery and natural sounds for a more relaxing ride :slight_smile:



(Mark Hewitt) #2

I would hope that sort of thing would be in the ‘final’ product as sometimes you just want a relaxing ride. 

Also a long course would be great, something that simulates a 50km route with a variety of climbs, decents, flat etc. rather than the short loop it has a the moment.

(Tom Cash) #3

I certainly think Zwift could do away with powerups and the close the gap.

I do think the bots are OK but I never find myself as motivated to challenge them as I do other human beings.