Order in group workouts

Rather than arranging riders by w/kg in group workouts why not use a metric based on how well riders are following the intervals (cadence/smoothness etc) to determine the order. I think would be more motivating when doing a workout.

Hi Tom,

I don’t disagree with your suggestion in terms of what you want to reward, but the issue I see is that - in practical terms - it rewards people who:

 - use erg mode, which some people - myself included - simply prefer not to use because I believe there is a value in training yourself to hit the power target rather than letting the trainer do it for you

  • have trainers that respond more quickly/accurately to changes in power in erg mode

Beyond that, there’s the issue of speed then being totally unrelated to actual power output, which is problematic in other ways. I do think there’s merit in the “A-for-effort” approach to workout mode, but that is why we already give XP based on workout execution rather than distance covered in workout mode.


Zwift Game Design

I agree with Jordan. If you’re on a Kickr or Hammer the power output sent to Zwift is artificially smoothed so you wouldn’t be able to measure smoothness.

Let’s say you’re on a dumb trainer and exceed the targets (as I used to do when I had a dumb trainer). Zwift actually fails you for exceeding the target, I would not be a happy camper to be placed at the rear of field because I exceeded the power targets. Similarly I think people who failed for whatever reason may find being placed at or near the end, made them feel inferior.

I actually like the watt’s/kg way of ranking riders. Now all they have to do is get the speed a bit more tweaked. It’s very annoying to do a hard group workout for an hour and only covered 22km. 

Nigel, you should see big improvements with the latest update released on Friday. It hasn’t gone out for iOS yet. On flatter routes, we were getting 22+km in 50min for the WBR rides. Still below what’s “normal,” but we are also quite sensitive to the needs of slower riders who do not want to be pulled to artificially fast performances. But we will continue to refine this feature. But for sure the latest update does a lot to improve speed within group workouts.

Thanks Jordan. I look forward to my next group workout.