Option to turn Distance Meetups into unofficial races

If you create a meet-up with a distance goal, could we have a flag to tick that says Race. This would be an unofficial race, between only people invited to that meet-up (usually club members), so wouldn’t sync to ZwiftPower. But at least everyone in the race can see their ranking at the end of the race.

Zwift already knows the people taking part in the race and what the selected distance is, so it would be a case of tracking the time the meet-up participants finish that distance and present a ranking screen.

Another addition to the race option would be if you could say that this race is only with TT bikes. For example, I’ve set up a TT meetup race tonight for my company that is distance based (10 miles), but I have to manually tell the participants to select the TT bikes to avoid the drafting effect.

Keep up the great work guys!!