Option to Disable Descent Simulation on Tacx Neo

I’d like to have the option to disable the Descent Simulation on Tacx Neo.
The trainer is just to loud going down with enabled Descent Simulation, e.g. going down from Alpe du Zwift isn’t nice with this feature enabled.
You can plug off the power to disable it, but at least in my case Zwift had problems with reconnecting to the trainer.
It should be easy to implement such a function.

During the descent of the Alpe is when you get off the bike to go refill bottles and change into dry kit for the next ascent. Issue averted!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

On a serious note, though, I can’t say that I have ever noted this. It certainly doesn’t seem any louder (to me) than when I’m riding up. Have you tried removing the freehub body and adding some grease? Or removing the entire ‘flywheel’ to ensure there isn’t any grit inside causing noise?

Give this a quick watch: How to Make your Smart Trainer QUIETER! 🚴🤫 – GPLama.com


It is like in this video (see URL youtu.be/1g8JQL5Qi8w?t=50). You can hear the sound from the trainer (of course also from the freehub).
I don’t want to modify anything.
Just a switch in Zwift to turn it off would be fine and solve the issue.

If the noise is coming from your trainer’s freehub, how can Zwift do something about it?

Have you tried wearing headphones?

That’s a valid point. I mean, the ‘downhill drive’ isn’t a Zwift feature, it’s a Tacx feature. (And it does the same thing in all other virtual cycling platforms.) Perhaps the OP needs to reach out to Tacx for a ‘fix’ on this.

I would like there to be an option to set a minimum gradient which would solve this.

So it mimics gradients above the minimum but never goes below it.

for example, set the limit to 1% anything below 1% still feels like 1% but above that and the real gradient kicks in.

in the above case you could set the limit to be 0%