Open world collaborations - GTA VI


Zwifters constantly want new roads, and Zwift might not have the time, people and resources to keep building them as extensively as we would like. I just had a crazy idea (and wonderful, at least in my head), where Zwift should start talks with Rockstar, about their open world of upcoming GTA VI (in 2025).

→ Wins for Zwift:

  • a realistic world with lots and lots of roads, completely maintained and kept up-to-date externally
  • additonal marketing (they might lure enthousiast to Zwift)
  • velodromes could finally be a thing
  • live spectators

→ Wins for Rockstar:

  • additional income (as Zwift would pay for their world)
  • additonal marketing (they might lure non-gamers to the full game)
  • it could be the start of futher collaborations with other companies (meaning their worlds would become even more important, leading to even more revenue).

→ Wins for both:

  • GTA could introduce velodromes in their world, with real life races, raced on Zwift…
  • In theory, some GTA-streets could be road blocked because of open air Zwift-races… but there would need to be very strong safety measures against attacks from car lunatics then :sweat_smile:
  • Imagine having both games: you play GTA on your TV, do some interviews before a race starts (which appear in both GTA and Zwift), hop on your bike irl, start riding in Zwift (also live on GTA, full of spectators), finish, get on the podium… and do whatever you’d like in GTA again afterwards.
  • And furthermore, imagine, within 5-10 years, that some very lightweight VR/AR device would stream any content without laptop/console, just via WiFi. Then everything could blend completely smoothly in each other. The player could feel as it was just one immense game.

These are just things I come up right now, but I think the possibilities are near infinite. It’s a rather insane idea maybe, but as open worlds keep getting bigger and bigger, I’m confident out-of-the-box collaborations might be a thing in the future… And 2025 seems to be far away for us users, but things like this need lots of time to be thought through anyway.


Both Rockstar and Zwift use their own proprietary game engines I believe. (Rockstar’s engine is RAGE - the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine), not sure what Zwift’s is called. So, while it is quite possible to share assets depending on their design workflow, having actual integration would probably be more like a rewrite.

If Zwift does re-write it would probably be better to use a more popular game engine such as Unreal maybe? Not sure, but it would probably be a pretty big effort needed either way, so not something they can just flip on.

Unreal has put some effort into procedural terrain generation, so building terrain and maps would probably be easier in Unreal these days.

I have often thought that Zwift could create an open world concept as well on their own… like a certain part of Watopia that is completely open to integrate steering more, full of fun easter eggs to discover as you ride around

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ZAGE. It’s called ZAGE.

There is a pretty successful mod that pairs smart trainers ro gtaV if thats the sort of thing you are looking for

Is there one that pairs trainers to rocket league? I might play that :slight_smile:

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Holy Cow! Siiick!!! :rofl: