Open letter to laid off employees. Pedal Forward: Revolutionizing Cycling Apps

I understand it’s tough facing the recent layoffs, and I’m truly sorry to see you all leave. However, consider this as an opportunity to embark on a new venture in the cycling app/game realm. There are numerous areas where Zwift falls short that you can improve upon.

One key aspect could be to build the app on a foundation that encourages public modding, similar to successful transformations seen in games like Counter-Strike from Half-Life, Dota from Starcraft, and DayZ from ARMA 2.

By doing so, you could circumvent the sluggish implementation of ideas and opt for a more efficient development process. Utilizing a superior game engine like Unreal Engine, which boasts significantly better graphics capabilities than Zwift’s proprietary system, could be a game-changer.

Moreover, you’d avoid the arduous task of debugging a legacy system, potentially saving thousands of hours of development time. Seizing this opportunity to kickstart a new app, focusing on enhancing aesthetics and incorporating microtransactions, could lead to success. Even if it doesn’t pan out, it’s a chance to turn this setback into an opportunity for growth.