One Zwifter in the room all good! Two Zwifters and boom

I Zwift using Apple TV and everything runs perfect and the power/cadence it match to my Favero.
However since couple of weeks back, me and my wife use to Zwift at the same time in the same room.
She runs with Apple TV and Kicker Core, and I run using MacBook Pro, the Favero and a spinning bike.
My side is all fine, except that there are no gradients because spinning bike is not smart.
On my wife side, she use to ride about 1 hour at 200W to 220watt while her FTP is 145W.
She clearly say that no way she can put that power with keeping her HR at 140bpm.

At the end, her power graph is very flat at a much higher power than it should be.
Even when she stops pedaling, the cadence and the power remains for almost 1 minute.

This issue does not exist if she Zwift alone.
Clearly there is some issue here.
Any ideas?

Hi @Sergio_Marques1

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Double check that her Zwift app is not pairing to your pedals.