One plus nord can't find trainer

My one plus nord can’t find my elite suito-t via Bluetooth! However, both my old android phone and my laptop are pairing with it without issues. Anyone can help me in this regard?


Hi Maximilian! I’d be happy to help!

After a bit of research, I found that others with the OnePlus Nord have run into similar issues with bluetooth. Here is an article with some solutions!

Give that a shot and let us know how it goes!

This didn’t work for me but thanks for the help!

Make sure that one of those devices isn’t already paired to your trainer, because that would stop your Nord from finding it. Also make sure that you’re pairing it directly from Zwift and not from the OS.

I did that. I was trying my laptop and my old phone only because my new phone didn’t work. And both the old devices work flawless… it’s a riddle to me. Both old devices are turned off now, i deinstalled all other training apps that could interfere with zwift.

Have you got location services turned on? Bluetooth needs that.

Yeah it asked me on my first start of the app anyway. Idk, i tried all the common troubleshooting, contacted zwift support aswell. I really wanted it to make it run on my phone since I didn’t wanna setup my laptop everytime i bike.