Olympian Running Achievement

Q Can you get this Olympian achievement by running on a 12mph top speed treadmill?

I think if my math is right that puts you at exactly 5 minutes. The achievement says UNDER 5 minutes making me wonder the technicalities.

I am a bit of an achievement junkie and I have collected nearly all the bicycle ones. I am in the market for a treadmill that will go the full distance for the running achievements.

12mph is bang on 5 mins.

However sometimes Zwift records a second either way.
I run half marathons at 8mph or 7.30 min miles. However the splits look like this.

My advice is to run at 12mph for several miles and it should record one just under 5mins. :laughing:

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quite interesting. I’ve noticed cycling time shifts as a result of my avatar cutting in and out around other riders and awkward turns. im unfamiliar with that course, but it is very interesting you did some sub 7:30 times. I appreciate this very much sir.

What setup were you using?

I use a Nordictrack T10.0.

Speed is reported using QZ Domyos app. I’ve written lots about it in the Running Forum.

The course is irrelevant, I get sub 7.30’s every run. The one I posted I ran alone so no weaving.

I’d experiment for you but I’m relatively confident I’ve not got a sub 5 in me.

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7:30 is still a pretty sweet mile. Congrats on your efforts.