Older Garmin watch for HR

Can I use my old Garmin Fenix3 HR for heart rate monitoring on Zwift hub?
Would I need ANT+ receiver for this?

Hi @Subodh_Patil

The Fenix3HR only transmit in ANT+

As a side note: HR on a watch is not that accurate on a bike.


Zwift hub has ant+ so yes you could broadcast HR from your fenix3 HR…

But in general it’s not accurate, not only in cycling. it won’t be able to “catch” fast changing HR. It’s on the other side accurate for normal day to day wear.

Thank you. Would I need ANT+ receiver to connect?
I have tried connecting using broadcast HR method but the watch never showed up under HR sensors so I have been unable to connect.

According to the specs written on internet it has ant+ native which means you don’t need to add anything. I don’t even think you would be able to add anyway… If it’s not recognized, then it’s another issue…