Old and slow

I want to use Zwift with Klickr, but I’m a little concerned that in the sims, as an older rider and returning to cycling, I’ll be constantly being passed left and right as if I were a roadblock. Will it happen like this?
Or will Zwift be so kind as to lie to me a fairy tale?
… Which I would prefer :slight_smile:
Thanks for your answers!

Hi Matthias, welcome to Zwift. The platform is really popular (over 40,000 online last night), so as long as you get your setup working properly then don’t worry too much about how fast you’re going. There will always be someone going slower, and always someone much faster. :slight_smile:


I’m old and slow just starting to improve my fitness and generally end up near the back of the pack but that means that the only way is up!


just race yourself - try and beat your 30 PBs on segments and KOMs - it is win win, either you go faster and current you wins or you don’t and past you is a beast! haha

and as Dave says, there’ll always be someone slower


If it makes you feel better, there’s some of us who are (relatively) young and slow too. :grin:


Yes, you will be old and slow.

But ten years ago I was younger and slow so what’s the difference? :slight_smile: Give it a go and have fun.


Hi Dave,
Sound advice.
I’m old too and new to Zwift (level 13) but I decided from the outset to set my TD=100% as I wanted to simulate the climbs as close to ‘real life’ as possible.
What do most people set their TD at in your experience?

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set weight to 45kg and you will be young & fast just like that :upside_down_face:


You’ll see people of all fitness levels in game and nobody’s going to think of you as a roadblock. (disclosure: I too am old and slow!)

Further, if you pick no-drop events, “rubber-band” effect (“keep everyone together”) is an event setting that does what it says - everyone gets to ride socially regardless of their energy output.

Pro-tip: make sure you sign up for the Everest Challenge now … you want all your climbing meters to count.

“Trainer Difficulty” is a bit of a misnomer - it’s more accurately described as “gradient effect scaling.” All it does is scale your trainer’s response to a gradient - if you output the same power and Watts/kg, at “difficulty” 0% (off) or 100%, your avatar will climb a hill in Zwift at the same speed.

Coming clean: I will regularly dial mine to “zero” (off) if I want to steady state ride and not worry about gear shifting. Most of the time, it’s probably between 25-50%.

I am over 100KG, (older, slow and no VO2max) and leaving at 100% and riding up steep climbs (Tower Road) I have overheated my H3. Too much grinding @ 40-50 rpm and working the brake of the trainer.

I have also changed bikes and I do not have the low range of my older bike (now 1x11 with smallest gear of 40x28) so I have to lower the setting. If I plan to do the tower road or the steep climbs in NYC, I will set 30-40%. Normal riding is 50-60% and if I have a long downhill…I will stop at the top and slide it to 100%.

Thanks for the advice Gents.
I never thought about the option to stop and alter the setting mid ride.
I think I’ll keep it at 100% until I can no longer bear it and run out of sweat :slight_smile:

You don’t have to stop to alter Trainer Difficulty. Just call up the Menu and the Settings, and change at as you pedal.

Or you can get a 34 chainring with a 11-40 cassette then you can run 100%.

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Thanks Gents. More great advice :+1:

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I started Zwift 3 months ago and I always feel that I’m slow.
But in some events, other Zwifters cheer me and ride with me.
Riding is fun, and chatting with other Zwifters is also fun.
I would like to ride with you!


Oh, thanks a lot! Thats very kind.