Offline mode

It’d be nice if the app had an offline mode so if the user doesn’t have access to the internet or the Zwift servers are down, the user could still use the app.  The ride could be recorded as normal and uploaded to the Zwift servers when the connection is restored.


I would understand why the main group ride option would not work this way, but in trainer mode or solo option then being able to ride in local mode is a great option for bad connections etc.

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I agree that there should be an option to use Zwift without an Internet connection, particularly when they introduce a structured workout mode. My Internet was out the other night and couldn’t ride Zwift. I rode a Sufferfest video with Trainer Road instead. Ride file got saved locally and when my internet came back online I was able to upload to Strava. 

I would be happy as well. Sometimes I work at places where we do not have internet access for weeks. Having Zwift offline would be great. Maybe it will end up in being as boring as in times before zwift but maybe not. To make it offline more interesting old rides or rides ridden during the offline time could be taken as the transparent computer riders or there even are some. I guess it is more fun to use previouse rides and compare rides over the time, ride against myself or join myself or what ever.

Offline mode would be awesome, especially when this becomes a fee for service game. Here’s what I’d like to see with an offline game:

  1. Market as a standalone game for $X with the option to upgrade to MMO for whatever the monthly fee. 

  2. Allow offline/standalone users the opportunity to download friends or pro rider “ghosts” from their previous rides to push training goals. The user can decide if their ghost will be available for download. Alternately the user/friend can download their rides and email the ride to their friend.

  3. Add the option to race your own personal record ghosts. How awesome would it be to have all of the PR’s from all of your rides in one ghost?

  4. Add more than one course to choose from. Currently, our scenery changes when Zwift changes it. Now that we’re not on the original Zwift island, I can’t go back to find out how much faster I am. For the offline game, each course should be available and the new islands should be available as a patch two weeks after introduction to the online game. This offers an incentive for the paid service for online play-not only to race people live, but to race the new courses as they become available. 

I think this could be a huge money maker for zwift by including those of us who don’t particularly need the online experience to train and would like to have options in the routes. 

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+1 - Had an area Internet outage which freed up some of my time for a ride, but sadly I could not use Zwift.

I’d be pleased to see a basic, offline mode.   No bells and whistles - don’t really care about the graphics that much, just an island with climbs/descents.

It is understood that there are no other riders and maybe no retained stats.   (I suppose ghost riders could still exist.)

I just like to come back to this discussion. Is there any progress in having an offline mode in near future or allready existing? Just as supposed by Rob having a basic mode on a Jarvis Island type course would be nice. In the coming European summer I have again to enter a vessel with limited internet connection (services like Zwift are blocked), mid in the season, thus it would be great to have something for the eyes and mind to pick up during a trainer session. Or simply that one can use the workout mode offline.

I am going to my beach house , I will take my trainer
But don’t have internet access , I have just learned through this forum
That zwift does not work without internet access, so I will use trainer road and sufferfest.
Workout mode should work without internet

I’d like to echo this idea. My internet died halfway through a ride the other night and I could not finish my workout. It would be very handy to be able to work offline.


If your internet died all that would happen is that you would ride alone on the course. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t be able to finish your workout.

Hi Paul

Yes, you are correct. I didn’t really understand what happened at the time, but now that I’ve checked under that it has been recorded. When everyone disappeared, I made the assumption that it was done.
So is it possible for me to start a ride or workout without internet? Mine is currently out of action.


You need to have the internet connected when you start a ride/workout, once logged in and moving you can disconnect the internet and keep riding alone on the course. You need to make sure you reconnect the internet near the end of your ride so it can get uploaded to Zwift, Strava, TP and so on.