Off The MAAP Tour schedule issues

Is anyone else having issues with this schedule? Where’s the night time slots? This schedule’s even worse than ToW2019. Like many others, I have to work, commute to/fro, tend to family, etc. I barely make it on at 10pm ET. I know other events are scheduled at than time so not to distract what’s currently in place, but can’t we have concurring event times so we can have more options?

I enjoy these events but am extremely discourage from participating due to these timetables. :angry:

I like to know what I’m riding/schedule well in advance. Friday/Saturday notice for a main event starting Monday is not to my liking. At least, we could have been given the schedule last Monday, right?

Granted this is an event for Australian and New Zealand riders.But still, if there’s a 2 and 4 and 7 pm event Monday, then schedule 3 and 6 and 9 pm for Tuesday rather than repeating the exact times that I couldn’t make Monday. Then 5, 8 and 10 for Wednesday. Seems like a simple solution.


Yes and yes.

I’m in Western Australia and this schedule completely misses our side of the country. Considering this is a Tour design for Aussies, the latest ride is 6pm WST. No chance of making it home from work and on the bike at that time. USA based schedules are more Aussie friendly than these.

Was really looking forward to doing this set as well. Such a shame Zwift, all you needed to do was add another time slot 2 hours later so the Western side of Australia could actually participate.