Off the maap kit

Hi guys, first topic I open in this forum.

Did today my 4th stage of the maap rides and received my email confirming that the kit has been unlocked. However I am not able to see on my garage. Anybody else had this issue?

Regards and thank you In advance.


Welcome to the Zwift forum.

Give it 24 hours, sometimes the delivery get stuck in traffic… LOL

Let us know tomorrow if you got the kit, if not submit a support ticket, they can fix it for you.


I’m having this issue too, did it ever show up for you or did you have to submit a ticket?

… and have you seen the price of the real life jersey? €140. Avatar bling it will remain.

Actually just checked… and it was sorted I have my kit now! : )

Yes… I thought we were getting some sort of discount but the price is like any other maap jersey…