Odd resistance changes in ERG mode [September 2021] [1.17.x]

Good to know that there are more of us, maybe we will see this issue fixed one day.
Rode in SIM mode today and also had to peddle quite hard downhill (-2%), looked at my Wahoo Climbr at the same time and noticed a 5% uphill :smiley:

I did a recovery ride in Neokyo yesterday set at 90W ERG mode. ERG seemed to work for a minute or so before giving up and my bike losing all resistance. I had to switch ERG off and free ride for the rest of the ride (still stayed in the workout with a power target of 90W) and I had an odd experience without ERG.

My bike obeyed my gear switches but the resistance oscillated up and down constantly regardless of gradient (which is ignored in workout mode anyways). I’ve noticed the resistance oscillation issue in a couple of places (the uphill after Watopia Sprint Forward comes to mind) but this time it was constant during the course of the entire ride. I tried to engage ERG a couple of times - each time the bike lost all resistance and ERG did not work as intended at all.

Ride link: /eu/activity/954488204004704288 (you can see the ERG dropout at ~50 secs)

All peripherals were connected by BLE.
Power source: Assioma Duo
Controllable trainer: Stages SB20
Cadence: Stages SB20
HR: Wahoo Tickr
Zwift running on a laptop on Windows 10
Companion app was not used as a bridge (just to spam Ride Ons!)


Have you ridden on the trainer since then, has the issue been resolved? I purchased a Wahoo Kickr last week and only rode on it 2 times, both times had weird resistance issues while in ERG mode. (too hard too easy, no resistance, etc) I’ve been using Zwift in ERG mode for the last 3+ years on my Elite Direto and havin’t had any issues like this. I primarly use the indoor trainer for structured interval workouts, so 95% of the time in ERG mode, this is pretty frustrating. I"m going to attempt a Vo2 interval workout tonight, I’ll see how that goes. I"m using Apple TV4K, Kickr V5 trainer, HR WahooTickr, connected with BLE, not using the companion app at the moment. I’ll make sure I have all updates on devices before attempting workout. Thanks, Brady