Odd resistance changes in ERG mode [September 2021] [1.17.x]

With these issues people are paying a subscription fee for a broken product. Is that fair?

Really wish Zwift would make this a priority on the next update release, it sounds like a major problem if you are using Apple TV and various trainers with BT. It’s getting to a point that your paying for a service just to be aggravated which is ridiculous.

Don’t think it’s just confined to ATV as I downloaded and ran Zwift on my iPhone with the same effects. Performing imported TrainingPeaks workout on Zwift and lo and behold after finishing that things seemed normal. However this wasn’t the case after the 2nd workout as I had to perform a spindown after that. It seems as if the trainer is holding on to torque after workouts or rides to me. I don’t think it’s just a Zwift issue as I think the latest Kickr firmware updates are also a factor

Interesting I am actually using the Saris H3 and the firmware on that has changed in months, just hope it gets fixed.

I suspect that you are right that it is a combination of Zwift and firmware updates for the resistance issues. Although I’ll hold Zwift responsible for Zwift crashing when I try to descend Alpe du Zwift :wink:
Although I’ve not had any problems whilst using another cycling platform in the meantime.

I’m experiencing the same thing, it feels like it’s reversed! 10% gradient low resistance and -10% gradient is high resistance! It’s frustrating.

I’m still using the Apple TV workaround for Kickr Bike.

Now I have another old Apple Mac Pro 5,1 which is upgraded with very fast CPU, graphics and Big Sur 11.6 so it can run Zwift fine.

In this machine I use the Garmin ant+ USB adapter.

With both versions of Zwift at 100% trainer difficulty on Tempus flat sections, I’m in 2/10 gear on Apple TV and 2/8 gear on macOS version of Zwift via ant+.

I used both back to back, Mac version first. On Apple TV it seemed unrealistic. Mac felt much better, particularly the changes in resistance. Just some observations.

I have just started using Zwift to pair with my training peaks workouts. There is definitely an issue in erg mode concerning resistance. I hope this is fixed soon as currently I feel like I am paying for a dysfunctional product.

My Tacx neo connects with only cadence and speed but not the controllable power - I tried using bluetooth and ant and 2 different laptops as well as my phone , all android, without success. It worked fine until last week. ERG mode not there at all. I cannot even find the ERG button on my app anymore. What to do? I cannot use my Zwift and it is causing a lot of friction in our house at the moment because of a lot of wasted time trying to fix the issues. help

You should pair it as power source and controllable using ant+ fe-c.

Are you sure the ant+ dongle is plugged in, try a different usb port.

tried all of that - blue tooth and ant

Rolled back Kickr firmware to 3.4.71 and it now works with Zwift

Updated to the new Kickr Core firmware (1.1.3) and the problem still happened to me. Going uphill, no resistance change. Going downhill or randomly on flat ground, massive resistance changes. No other connections were open to the kickr.

Happening to me also. -7 gradient and im pushing hard on the pedals just to move.
Seems like a delay in gradient and the trainer


I am meeting the resistance bug in sim mode only. As with otjers this is now ongoing for far too long and becoming increasingly frustrating. Everything is fine is erg mode whilst using a custom TP workout for some reason.

APTV - latest firmware
Zwift - latest firmware
Kickr Core - vers 1.1.12

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I just changed from the original kickr trainer to the V5 thinking my resistance issues were due to old trainer with 15,000 miles on it.
But… I got the V5 and it feels exactly the same! I know I am putting upwards of 200W and this thing is telling me its 150W and so I have tried everything to get it back to normal. I cannot ride like i used to and i am terribly slow cause its like a 50w difference.
I am a B rider and it seems like at D i am struggling sometimes.

It been months it was working perflectly before an update and never again has it worked and i spent the money on the kickr v5 thinking that would solve it.

I experience resistance changes, but its super super tough compared to before.

Since I first used my newly purchased Wahoo Kickr in combination with Zwift on the 10th of October, I have been experiencing issues with ERG mode. Currently doing the Build me up plan, a lot of times it takes 1-2 minutes for the wattage level to adjust. Sometimes it doesn’t adjust at all. Very frustrating because you only notice it after the warm-up has been completed. Please fix this it is ruining the experience.

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I am having the exact same issue…delay starts at about 10s and then just drags out the longer the ride is. By an hour it is normally 1-2 mins out. Then then you finish the training session the Watopia world is still delayed meaning you have to end the ride and restart. Makes group rides impossible…

I’m running windows 10 on a laptop, kickre Core (1.1.3) al connected by bluetooth. Been happening since ZA, before then it was fine…

I have the same problem, it is EXTREMELY frustrating.
Wahoo Kickr Core, latest firmware, factory spindown, Macbook Pro, BT.

When I am training there is an initial lag of 2-3 minutes, so the 2nd interval starts way too late and then I have a feeling that the resistance is pretty random… Went into freeride mode and still had random resistance issues, suddenly on a flat I had a resistance of 700-800W?

Thought my Wahoo is dying, but then used the Wahoo app, changed the resistance manually (100, 150, 200, 250W and back down to 100) and it worked perfectly fine.

Did anyone find a solution for that?

Same problem - using a Kickr Snap 2 and ANT+ on a PC (no companion app).
This set up has worked flawlessly up until last update (Neokyo). I’m now at level 49 so quite a few km’s on Zwift.
I’m glad I found this in the forums as I had started to question my sanity :slight_smile:
As an example - Giro event this afternoon - I’m peddling harder on the downhills that the uphills.
Any of the earlier posters find any kind of resolution?

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