Odd circumstance, but it happened.

The app has worked almost flawlessly for me in every aspect. The only exceptions have been when my laptop has run out of power or the issue after having to step away from the bike setup for a few minutes.

Today Zift was working perfect, but the laptop was unknowingly plugged into a dead outlet and ran out of power before I could get it switched. No big deal. Once it was plugged back in the “I’m Done” screen was up just as expected. I started to pedal again but the Kickr would lose connection after a second or two. I clicked on the pair button on the “I’m done” screen and each of my three devices (kicker, tickr and cadence) showed connected but were not working. I clicked on each device as if searching for them and choosing all over, but they would not communicate for more than a few seconds and the “I’m done” screen would pop back up. The fix was to exit the application and log back in. Flawless again. The strava uploads seemed to work for both rides as well.

I know its not normal to run out of power mid ride, but thought I would bring this scenario to your attention.

Good times rolling around with you today, Brook. Apologies for not sprinting with you but I was on a little bit of a mission.

Time still seems to fly by like a regular group ride when riding with someone around that Island! It was good practice to sit in with you. Can definitely tell when in the slipstream.