October 29 Game Update - Apple TV

I just updated to the latest version of Zwift on ATV4K and noted the following:

  1. I don’t see the Movember Mission in the upper left of the starting screen (the one after the pairing screen), as seemed to be indicated I should in Jon’s update announcement. Is this something that will show up later today, or tomorrow, or on 11/1, or is something missing from the ATV app update?

  2. On the lower part of the starting screen I now see a big graphic that reads “Zwift Free” and shows a number of days. I am presently using a 3-month Zwift gift card, and the number of days shown seems to correspond with the number of days remaining on the card (though I also laddered another 3-month card into my account, so I’m hoping this will jump back up to 90 - or 91 - after counting down to zero). I just want to confirm, though, that this truly is the countdown of days remaining on my subscription card.