[October 2021] Zwift crashes with new AMD display drivers

Zwift team - you are an absolute failure.

Your system requirements don’t exclude AMD GPU’s yet so many of us have problems that you know about since 2021. Make us do that dance monkey logging, drivers only to tell us that it is not a priority for you to fix. Absolute failure of a business model.

zwift team you guys are a failure, plenty of emails and zero done from you in 8 months

canceled as of today

@Jon Correct me if I’m wrong but I think you’re the lead dev now?

Perhaps you could spare some resources and look into this? It would definitely be good for PR and would sure make a lot of people happy!

I’m sure everyone would help out with details of their setups, logs etc. It sucks having to ride only two words that are on rotation at the moment, there isn’t always a lot of choice.

Still broken for me…