[October 2021] Zwift crashes with new AMD display drivers

I switched back to up to date drivers so I could play battlefield 2042. I am not getting the crash issue I had posted about previously weeks ago anymore. 14 days going strong.

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Hey all,
Just popping in to say that at this point I’d recommend keeping your AMD drivers fully up to date, including on the latest optional updates. While it’s too soon for me to make a conclusion, I’ve seen multiple reports that these newer optional updates are causing fewer issues and resolving the crashing for some.

As of now (Dec 06 2021), the latest update for AMD display drivers is “Adrenalin 21.12.1 Optional,” which was released just three days ago.

@Chriss_Cross I’m actually not closely involved with the QA/Dev process, so unfortunately I don’t have much information on the details right now. I do know the bug report is open and active, though, and that some of our best guys have been assigned to investigate.

@Michael_Fulton I appreciate you coming back to let us know. Always good to hear!

Thank you @Lauren for the information.
I still had freezes in Watopia with Adrenalin version 21.11.3. I updated to 21.12.1 3 days ago and at least no issues so far in France, Richmond and Makuri Islands. I avoid to use Watopia currently bcs. of the freezes but I will try now and then provide feedback.

So, add. feedback after two rides in Watopia. It seems that 21.12.1 is working fine. I had no crash so far.

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I did excessive rides on Watopia on the weekend and no issues at all. My recommendation to everybody is to upgrade to 21.12.1. It solves the freezing issue and I also have no issues in games. It runs super stable.

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Just did the Neokyo badge hunt stage 4 and no crashes running 21.12.1. Things are looking promising :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback. I will re-upgrade to Windows 11 then and install the 21.12.1 and test it over the week.

edit: Just did a 45min workout past the road to the Alpe, where it always crashed and I passed with no problems. Windows 11, Radeon 21.21.1 drivers. Now I have to figure out the ERG issues, but at least the game is running again with latest OS and drivers.

Hi I have Intel iris xe graphics card and it’s freezing alot but I haven’t been paying attention to which routes I’m using. I did Alp di zwift ok but today I was in innsbruck and crashed. Regards

This thread is about AMD graphics cards. Your issue is probably this: Crash mid game (PC) - #3 by Dave_ZPCMR

PS there’s a link to the correct thread in that post.

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I’m super happy at the moment. With the current 21.12.1 driver Zwift runs super stable. But Neokyo performance is so bad. I get in avg 37 fps and on Watopia 96 fps.


Since Smart Access Memory is now also supported on the AMD RX 5000 series, I activated it for my RX 5700 XT but it does not improve the Zwift performance at all. In games it should provide up to 15% more performance.


I have a mini-pc with an amd apu athlon 200ge with the newest driver 21.12.1 and newest windows updates, and it crashed after 1h riding. I rode the route out and back again and after the volcano on kilometer 32-33 I had a crash from the Zwiftlauncher again.
Yeah, super happy.

Mine has been running fine with workouts now, but on TdZ Stage 1 yesterday it crashed after exactly 20 minutes (no concidence here, happens on MacOSX Macbooks as well it seems, 10 or 20 minutes)… it is getting really annoying. I might end up buying an Apple TV just for Zwift (GPUs are too expensive these days).

It would really like to know, what happens at 20 minutes that causes crashes on different systems (the iOS app had this problem in the past, too).

It’s so annoying, been happening to me for a while now, last main driver release and even on 21.12.1, 5700XT.

Crashes at any point after pressing Let’s Go.

What is more frustrating is after installing those latest drivers with a fresh Zwift install it worked perfectly for a whole ride, and then at the weekend back to the same and again today.

Anyone had any joy?

Now I do see this in the logs, and actually when I check those paths, the routes folder doesn’t even exist which can’t help but at the same time Radeon Software reports the display driver crash.

New driver today
AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 22.1.1

Any improvement?

New zwift update didn’t fix anything for me, still driver crash when launching. I’ll try 22.1.1