[October 2021] Zwift crashes with new AMD display drivers

I only started having the issue in the last couple of months (Vega 56). Rolling back to 21.08.2 seems to have stopped the crashing so far. Have you tried using those drivers, at least they’re only a few months old.

I’ve had the same issues with the new update since I just bought and installed a RX 6700 wednessday. My old RTX 970 never crashed.

Hi Chriss,

From what I can tell, the reason this issue has appeared more than once is because of various changes throughout the release of AMD driver updates. Certain versions of AMD GPU drivers seem to play with Zwift better than others, so, like you mentioned, a similar issue appeared in mid-2020 but was resolved with newer AMD driver releases, before returning now with the latest set of drivers.

Which is not to say it’s AMD’s fault-- just that changes in any software that works in conjunction with another piece of software (in this case Zwift) can mess some things up in unexpected ways.

By marking my older post as a “solution,” my intention wasn’t to suggest that it’s been resolved and that we’re no longer looking for a real solution, but just to highlight a possible workaround in the meantime, while we work on resolving it entirely.

Update here: With the Neokyo Update Zwift ist crashing in all worlds, had two crashes in Makuri, 19 and 38min in. Same error in Event Log… very disappointing.

edit: Reverted my PC back to Windows 10 and 21.8.2 drivers. Just did a one hour workout without problems… let’s see when the problems with Windows 11 and AMD drivers are gone.

Hi Lauren, I appreciate your support and also that you work on the issue.

However I’m disappointed about the duration of this issue. I created an official support ticket to your Zwift support already end of last year and I sent logs and spend huge effort in helping you to provide necessarry data to solve it (zwiftalizer, windows logs several times, …). I always got standard replies with content like: “can be local issue” or “can be caused by any sw on your PC”, etc. “We cannot help you”. Now Zwift admits that there is an issue. I’m not able to race for 17 month now because this freezing issue frustrates even more when you are racing and put effort into race and then the application stops working. And even more I pay full price for a software subsciption which I cannot use fully. A resolution is still not on horizon.

I use Zwift since many many years and it worked flawless until June 2020 for me. Since then it is a nightmare!
I have no issues with any games - all work perfectly. Zwift (any maybe that is related to OpenGL) does not! I’m an enthusiastic gamer and I want to use latest AMD drivers for best gaming performance. To run a GPU driver which is even month behind the WHQL driver is not an option for me.

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Another AMD user here: I’m on a 5700xt and the rollback to 21.8.2 has solved the problem for now, but doesn’t really represent a permanent fix. I await confirmation of whether newer driver or Zwift releases will resolve.:slight_smile:

Unfortunately AMD’s OpenGL drivers for Windows are universally considered to be rubbish compared to those from Nvidia. This is why AMD graphics cards aren’t a great idea for Zwift, even though they’re absolutely fine for virtually every other game (not many use OpenGL any more).

This doesn’t excuse the crashing issues of course, but it means progress on resolving it will probably be slower.

Well, since the game as such looks great and was working before June 2020 fully flawless I don’t think that there is a general issue with OpenGL as such. However something in the driver does not interwork with Zwift’s implementation causing these freezes. What I don’t understand is that it takes already 1.5 years to figure out the root cause.

Providing another update since my original submission. Battlefield 2042 came out so I had no choice but to update my drivers to the most recent. I did not experience a crash doing 2 laps of Neokyo on saturday…which by the way looks awesome.

I can confirm that London appears to work without issue, and my short time with Neokyo appears that it should be safe for us AMD folk to ride as well. My own personal experience of course, your mileage may differ.

I will have to use one of the many other devices capable of running Zwift in the meanwhile for Watopia. THanks for keeping us posted!

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Additional update: As of today, it appears to not crash while in spectate mode where it was crashing for me previously.

Additional update: Still in spectator mode. No crash in either direction along ocean avenue going up/down the cliff. I will spectate someone going up Alpe de zwift and post back on if it crashes there. I switched to the most recent AMD driver saturday after getting BF2042.

I was able to get to a rider that was heading to the Alpe. I followed them from turns 21 to 8 before accidentally hitting escape and going back to me. no crashes there.


That’s good news! May have something to do with the new update. I’m wondering if there was an inadvertent fix having to do with some other changes that were rolled out with 1.19, because I’ve heard a couple other reports so far of Zwift running stable now where it wasn’t before.

AMDs bad OpenGL drivers are well known (sadly), but maybe Zwift should also switch to another renderer like Vulkan :slight_smile: Or do a complete overhaul of the graphics engine.
Performance in Neokyo is a joke unfortunately:

Anyway, I will wait for AMDs next WHQL driver for Windows 11 before switching back.


Yup, though on there you’ll be CPU limited like me (and everyone else) irrespective of GPU. :frowning:

At least I had no freezes since the Neokyo Update and the latest 21.11.3 drivers but yes, the performance is a joke (I have the same GPU as you @Holger_Wachter):

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Pretty much the same system overall :slight_smile:
I will wait some more and upgrade to Windows 11 again maybe in Demcember, thanks for the feedback regarding AMDs latest drivers.

From what I’ve heard the dev team is currently working on optimizations for Neokyo. I think the intention was to get the release out and gradually improve on it over time, so better performance should be on the way with future updates. I know that doesn’t help much for the time being, but hopefully there will be some relief in the future.


Thanks Lauren. I appreciate you open communication. That helps indeed.
Can you share something on the AMD freezing issue root cause finding process as well?

Still crashing here. Just crashed riding with D Diesel on Makuri Islands. AMD Drivers Version 21.11.3

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Crashing here too. Summarised in a separate post where I had the crash repeat itself in the same place on the Wandering flats route. Although I’ve had more crashes on Makuri and on road to sky route at various places. Only ever seems to be when Zwift is running in windowed mode.

Photos of the spot in game that repeatable fails below.

(yesterday crashes were on 21.11.2 drivers, but by no means the first time)