13+ hours logged: Computrainer for power & speed, SRM for HR and cadence 1) drafting seems to have improved recently, it is easier to slot in. Still can be hard to hold a distance but that could be in part due to a less than steady/smooth pace of the rider being drafted. 2) Computrainer cadence while equal to the SRM does not translate to Zwift. SRM cadence transfers accurately. 3) “coasting” downhill works reasonably well but speed shown is not real world (too slow at times given the grade and rider weight). Applying any power at all on a downhill (e.g. 50 watts) increases displayed speed too much over just “coasting”. 4) speed relative to power on inclines appears very realistic to this 82Kg bike +rider and is repeatable between efforts. Obviously Zwift sees only power and cadence but the gearing tends to be higher than what I could maintain in the real world. Lastly, it is amazing to watch some of the current and past pros on the course. It should be a great reality check for mere mortals!