Nvidia shield

Has the version on your phone been run, or has it simply been installed?

Ya thats how I normally zwift just mirror it to the shield but my upload speed through spectrum is like 7mbs, not smooth. Funny that you say that though I couldn’t get my phone to run any of the apk from apk mirror

so have you installed it to your phone from the playstore, and ran that version on your phone successfully?

Ya it runs great from my phone and that official play store version almost loads on the shield but crashes right at the end of the blue screen. I cant get any apkmirror app to load on my phone so grabbing an obb from previous versions isn’t happening. I’ve used all sorts of other sideloaded apps before though so not sure why a sideloaded zwift won’t open.

and have you used the obb files from your phone (playstore version), along with the matching sideloaded APK on your Shield?

Yes, sideloaded play store app and matching obb file is what I have done. That has gotten me the furthest, but still crashes as it goes into the game my phone is running android 9.0 and shield is on a lower version that is the only thing I can think of that is giving me error.

I assume we’re both on the same Shield versions, since that is so controlled by Nvidia (and i’m not on the beta).

I’ll try to pull the files from my Shield and test them on my other Shield and see what happens this weekend.

Thanks for your help.

I’m having similar issues. Shield TV 2019 running Android 9.

Have tried online sources for APK/OBB and the APK attempts to install but fails.

I’ve obtained files from my Nexus 9 device, running Android 7 and the result is the same. My only other option at this point is to attempt from my Android 10 phone however I assume the result would be the same.

I’m really not sure why this isn’t available via official channels on the Google store. Even if it were simply in beta mode for the Zwift it’s still better than the work-around. I’d argue that the collection of Nvidia Shields are the flag shield devices for Android much like the Apple TV boxes are for Apple.

If anyone has different suggestions, please do share :slight_smile: