Nvidia shield

How do people feel if we just support the Game Controller and not the Remote?

I can’t get it to work at all on Shield TV anyway. Remember there’s a free phone app anyway. If it did work I’d navigate on my phone and then use the companion app anyhow. Can’t imagine I’d use either. The phone app is a bit annoying in that you can’t copy and paste passwords into it, but it’s generally easier for sideloaded apps.

I can imagine on 1st run the lack of remote might surprise people. Can you have it flash a text box warning people?

The problem with that is some people don’t have the game controller.
I personally don’t mind either, as long as Zwift will work on my shield. I signed up for the 7 day free trial on my phone, thinking I could download it on my Nvidia, and now can’t I can’t use it, and my 7 days trial is almost done. :frowning_face:
Please get it sorted for the Nvidia soon.

I have to agree with Leonardo that not everyone has the controller. Though you could use a usb mouse, or even the Nvidia companion app on a phone to emulate a mouse, I would prefer the remote. Especially if I’m on a bike since it is small and simple.

Would be OK for me, as long as Zwift runs in 4K on my Shield !!!

Will official support of Nvidia Shield/Android TV be coming soon? It sounds like the Android app has been released from Beta.


Of course! It’s all I want. Native zwift on shield.
I’m sick of elaborately trying to stream my pc and transmit ant over Wi-Fi.

I happen to have the controller and remote but… even if I didn’t have the controller I’d buy one for this purpose. I’d love to replace the underpowered PC in my garage with a low-cost option like the Shield.

With Android out of beta I would love to see Shield TV support for those of us who haven’t bought into the Apple ecosystem. It is such a powerful streaming device, it’s a shame to not be able to use it for Zwift without some extra work (ie. sideloading the apk). I think remote support is important though, as most people will have remote over controller


If you also provide control via mouse/keyboard that’s fine, otherwise I think many don’t have the game controller. Either way, I’d love to stop using my stupid old Macbook Air just for zwift.

+1 vote for shield support

I’ve side-loaded the latest beta (with limited ant+ support) on my shield tv, paired with wahoo kickr, cadende and tickr sensors and everything is running great! I’ve completed 4 zwift rides ,runs great no issues at all!

On the other side ANT+ is not working… i’ve plugged my ANT+ usb stick and installed the ANT+ USB drivers. With the ANT+ tester app, the dongle is detected and ANT+ seems operational but Shield is missing the android permissions to use ANT+ hardware so zwift have no access.

On BT side, for some reason shield is unable to paired with wahoo kickr trainers with firmware > 1.0.10.
Wahoo has introduced a feature called “Added: Powerful connectivity - new support for up to 3 Bluetooth® connections to ensure a trouble-free start to your workout.” (which i dont really understand) and breaks the BT connection with nvidia shield. I think that this NVIDIA’s problem and not wahoo.

So at the moment I’ve been stuck to firmware 1.0.10. (i’ve tried to contect nvidia thru the official forums but still no response)

Interacting with zwift UI s very easy if you pair a bluetooth keyboard-trackpad which you can simple select everything with the mouse cursor. Im using an old logitech bt keyboard/trackpad and works perfectly fine.

Additionally, shield gpu has a lot of power, so resolution ,shader effects and higher-res textures can be used. I think if Zwift DEV team has a small talk with NVIDIA counterparts, everything can be fixed and make the shield a really great zwifting platform.

TLTR: zwifting on SHIELD TV:

  1. kickr firmware 1.0.10
  2. FX file manager, in order to extract the APK and OBB files from your mobile phone and upload them to nvidia shield.
  3. a paired keyboard with integrated trackpad, or a wireless mouse.
  4. BT cadence,HR sensor (pay attention, wahoo elemnt bundle with dual band sensors can be found around 240€ at the moment, making this a great deal!)
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Thank you so much for the detailed feedback!

Re ANT+ : on devices I’ve tested that require the USB service app, there is a System popup that appears requesting permission. Screenshot is below - I’m wondering if you encountered that. I’ll add that to my original ANT+ post.

We plan on adding better support for Shield and Android TV next year. Thanks again for the post.


I have Zwift installed and running on a 2015 Nvidia Shield, however the bluetooth pairing does not find my Kickr Core or Kickr Tickr. Anyone experience this ? any suggestions on how to resolve?


How did you get it to open without crashing? I’ve tried every apk file and obb combination. Havent been able to open the app completely

How did you instal on nvidia

I installed it on my Pixel 4, and copied that OBB over. The APK I downloaded from a APK mirror (it was the december update version).

Thanks Scott. Unfortunately still no luck. I’ve used my obb file main.91 and my apk and the apk mirror apps all fail to even install. My apk goes to loading game then crashes. Not sure why it is failing every way. Figured I’d get it to work, tried 30 different combinations of apks and obbs, no luck. Any other suggestions?

do they not complete the install, does it error, or exactly what happens?

When I pull them from my phone (galaxy s9) it loads game, unzips and the gives me the blue box in the top right corner before it crashes. It never fully gets past the blue page. My obb file is 91…and I’m running the latest version of zwift. My shield is also on the latest software version.

Any other version and it just stays on the blue screen or says apk not supported please uninstall and reinstall from the play store.

The above file link is no longer available.

I can mirror my phone or run an hdmi from it but I’d rather have my phone free for the companion app. I’ve never had a side loaded apk not run.