Nvidia shield

(Will Botti (C)) #1

How do people feel if we just support the Game Controller and not the Remote?

Works on nVidia Shield TV
(Eerke) #2

I can’t get it to work at all on Shield TV anyway. Remember there’s a free phone app anyway. If it did work I’d navigate on my phone and then use the companion app anyhow. Can’t imagine I’d use either. The phone app is a bit annoying in that you can’t copy and paste passwords into it, but it’s generally easier for sideloaded apps.

I can imagine on 1st run the lack of remote might surprise people. Can you have it flash a text box warning people?

(Leonardo van Staden) #3

The problem with that is some people don’t have the game controller.
I personally don’t mind either, as long as Zwift will work on my shield. I signed up for the 7 day free trial on my phone, thinking I could download it on my Nvidia, and now can’t I can’t use it, and my 7 days trial is almost done. :frowning_face:
Please get it sorted for the Nvidia soon.

(Troy) #4

I have to agree with Leonardo that not everyone has the controller. Though you could use a usb mouse, or even the Nvidia companion app on a phone to emulate a mouse, I would prefer the remote. Especially if I’m on a bike since it is small and simple.

(B) #5

Would be OK for me, as long as Zwift runs in 4K on my Shield !!!