Nvidia shield crashing after 3-4 miles

Installed using there app/obb from the other thread (v32). Able to get in and start riding. Paired with kickr power meter and cadence as well as fitr hrm.

Keeps crashing (blue upper right corner). I’ll have to poke around to get the log files. Let me know what additional info would be helpful.

Thanks for letting us know. The Shield needs some love; we haven’t had much time for it recently.
Sending us log files would help, but it is an old build.
I’ve never seen a ‘blue upper right corner’ crash. That is quite odd.
Keep in mind NVIDIA not officially supported yet, but we intend to give it more attention soon!

Happens in the latest version as well… extracted the APK/OBB from my tablet (I sent in a ticket to support with more details). I will try today with just my tablet and see if that makes any difference.

As for the log files, I will poke around using a file explorer a bit more… didn’t find them initially.

You can access and email log files by tapping the title logo quickly 3 times.
Send the last few Logs around the date/time in question.
The Log file at top is the for the current session you are in, and if you’ve fresh launched, it won’t have the issue.

We need to communicate with our customers, re “tap title for logs” feature.
Thanks again for helping w/ NVIDIA testing!

Thanks Will,

I came across that in some other topic… i will email yesterday’s logs (about to go out in Zwift right now in fact!)

You should definitely put this in the FAQ… you talk about filing support tickets but not about how to capture the logs.

Finding Your Log Files to Help Resolve a Running-related Issue


Yeah found that after a while… I meant the FAQ associated with the beta tester guide.

In any case it seems.i need to sideload an email client because there don’t seem to be any for the shield… Nice that you have the email option embedded in the app but it may be the case that there are no clients in the store for Android TV… a file based option would be easier for me at this point if there is one

So… finally got around to side-loading google drive and extracted some of the files. Shot them over to logs@zwift.com. If there’s anything I can try don’t hesitate to ask.