NPE CABLE: No function with new battery [SOLVED]

I try to change the battery of my cable. Using several new 2032 there is no light and no connection to the app. If I re-insert the old (nearly empty) one, it connects again for a minute before the battery gets too weak.

The new batteries are exactly the same as the old one (Varta CR 2032). And yes: they are tested full…:wink:

Any idea what‘s going wrong?

Hi @Bernd_Balsen welcome to Zwift forums.
Have you tried contacting North Point Engineering? This is their realm of expertise.

Thank you. I sent a request.

Problem solved.

The contacts inside the cable were not working properly. After I bent them a bit with a screwdriver, I was also able to use a new battery

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@Bernd_Balsen Thank you for following up and letting us know what worked for you. We appreciate you!

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