Now Showing: Route Badge Achievements and Lead-In Distances [1.14.0] [June 2021]

Badge Hunters: wouldn’t it be handy to see which route achievement badges you’ve received? With this week’s game update, you’ll see which ones you’ve already completed, and what’s left to do.

As you plan your hunt, it helps to know the total distance for that route, including the lead-in distance. What’s lead-in distance, you ask? Zwift has a set number of spawn points in the game, and the lead-in is the distance between that point and the actual route start. Some lead-ins are short, while others are substantial.

The improved route selector shows the total distance and elevation for that route (including the lead-in) so there’s no confusion.

The lead-in distance will also be shown separately.

Thanks to everyone who’s asked for this improvement! We’re already working on the next iteration: the heads-up display will include lead-in distance data while you’re riding that route. Watch for that in an upcoming release.


Great update and hopefully one of many future improvements.


I think this calls for a song!

What a beautiful day indeed! :smiley:


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I do like some of their stuff, but honestly I’m not that familiar with them. Levellers on the other hand hold a very dear place in my heart. =) I’m looking forward to seeing them perform again in November. \o/


I’ve never heard of the Levellers, what’s your favorite song by them?

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Wow it’s been years since I listened to them. My roommate in university used to be a fan. Some good songs.

Favorite album is “Leveling the land” Song: Another man’s cause.

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Good update. :+1:

Pleasing to see some of these longer term usability complaints and feature requests being addressed.


What is spawn points for? So it is not for warm up? How do I really know the route is started or how long it is going to end if I did not remember the route distance?

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Why do many routes have a lead in from spawn point to “beginning” of the route, even it the spawn point is on the route? I don’t get it. Why is the spawn point not the beginning of the route?

this is a fantastic and long overdue update.

thanks zwift for finally implementing this. Now i can crack on with filling in the gaps in my route badges!


So just to clarify the total distance includes the lead in? not just the route distance once you have done the lead in?

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That’s what it looks like to me. Sand and Sequoias for example is shown as 22.5km, with a lead-in of 2.4km.

Existing pages (e.g. Route Maps & Details for Zwift’s Watopia Course | Zwift Insider) show it as 20.2km with a 2.4km lead-in.

Just done a couple yes total is total includes the lead in .Love it

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So total is the distance required to get the badge - that makes sense.

Just a little arithmetic needed to work out the actual route distance if you were to do laps of it.


Great update, at a glance view before select the route to conquer and hassle free for every time need to go into badge setting to view it.

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Just did the road to ruins, i thought i already had but obviously before the badges came about so i’m already using this update! good stuff

Brilliant update and long overdue. Thank you.

One extra feature request - when you are on a free ride and want to jump in on a route, it would be great if the directional pop-ups that appear in advance of an intersection/fork would also indicate an opportunity to select and hop onto a route.


I’ve often wondered what happens when you manually steer off a route.

Does it just go random or does it try and get you back on the route or back to the start of the route?