November 27 E-Crit Series??

What happened to today’s E-Crit series?  It appears to have disappeared from the module?  (November 27).  I can’t find anything related to the cancellation.
I was disappointed to find this after leaving my work far earlier than I had to, further, I took yesterday off to be fresh.  I’m not in contention whatsoever, so this has no bearing on placement, I was only looking forward to participating in a vicious race with some very bad people.  This is the only time I’ve ever seen an event disappear; after discussion with my brother, the infamous Mr.BathSalts, he says some info was posted on FaceBook, that’s the last place I’d ever look, I don’t have FaceBook, I’d expect to see an official announcement through Zwift app or website, the mobile app should have displayed a cancellation for those who signed up (days ago) so they could arrange their plans accordingly, yes some people plan their days around Zwift events.  I still don’t know where this “official” announcement that some people have seen is.


hi zwift?

Is this what you are talking about:


Why didn’t Zwift make an official announcement. Having 2 people post on 2 facebook pages that are private groups is not "official’ news or a real announcement.

Take a poll. Let the racers decide how best to handle this issue. I can’t even find the news about the 10 week series starting next week. Who at Zwift picked Tuesday evenings!

use this: 

or Zwift Facebook or a short video on ZwiftCommunityLive on Youtube.

How about a short race, a time trial, and a long race. sunday morning, Friday evening. Alternate days like the Tour de Zwift (which still NO RESULTS for stage 1. Is it impossible? It’s been over a week now.)

Hi Paul, thanks for the link, that blog posts appears to reference the official statement I’ve been looking for: Ok, Zwift, where/how was that information originally released?  I sure would have appreciated getting that memo yesterday.
What I’m primarily concerned about is the communication channels used to convey this event was cancelled, it appears to me that 3rd party forums or messaging applications were used in place of anything official, thus going to select riders; how am I not on the VIP list!? ;).  I must say I am going off of 4th degree information as to what happened, my brother heard something from someone who read something official presumably on a FaceBook post, so needless to say: I don’t have any concrete facts, the purpose of this thread is looking for some clarification from Zwift as to what happened to yesterday’s race (appears ZwiftBlog’s post answers this now) and especially what communication channels I should be aware of for cancellations or notifications in the future (I would have thought the mobile app would deliver this information to me).  I find it strange that they would convey this information to select riders and not everyone involved with the series (one could argue that since I haven’t participated in one yet, I wouldn’t be on the list, but my brother has been in every one [for his timezone] and even Mr.BathSalts was not VIP enough to get this exclusive [elusive?] memo.).  I’m just going with what I’ve got so far, which is very little.

it was facebook zwift riders and zwift racers

neither of which I was part of