There was a problem retrieving notifications
I have two follower requests I cannot approve. How do I fix the data problem?

I think the problem stems from another data error. If I select FOLLOWERS the following error displays:
The data is not in the correct format.

In the Companion app, tap the More button in the lower right, then Settings, then About. What do you see for the App Version? If it’s not 3.44.1, you should do an update.

I have the same two issues and I am on 3.44.1 (1401).

Sounds like a bug then. Contact support.

Same for me on iOS running version 3.44.1 (1401)

I too are running iOS version 3.44.1 (1401)

@shooj Do you know if this has been logged as a bug?

Sorry not from me I had trouble trying to log. I haven’t logged.

I reported it somewhere on here, provided them with a link to this topic and another similar one, got a reply from a “Zwift Ambassador” named Billy saying it was passed to the support team.

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Thank Kevin for the update. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Notifications and Followers are both working for me again. Version hasn’t changed, it’s still 3.44.1 (1401). The server version shows 1.316.3 but I don’t know what it said before. I haven’t seen a lot of people posting this problem so I’m guessing maybe it was a database issue - corrupted table or index, something like that - only affecting a few people. Just a guess.

Mine is ok now. Noticed it working again about 8 hours ago. Lots of notifications backed up.

Same for me starting working last night