Nothing registering and avatar not moving on maps but can spin down no problem

I use the new kickr turbo trainer with Zwift playing on my iPad.
I’ve had no problem until the last time when it all connected as usual but then the nothing was registering when on the ride, just the hrm. As a result the avatar wasn’t moving.
The weird thing is that when I click on the spanner and perform a spin down the spin down works fine so the connection is obviously working.
The last time I disconnected the trainer, reconnected, did the same with the zwift app and it eventually started working, this time however there is nothing.
I’m a full paid member.
I also knocked the Bluetooth off on my iPhone, the only other device I’ve used Zwift on.
Any ideas?

what does the pairing screen show?

Everything is fully paired as usual…

i have a completely different set-up but had the same problem. I found that force closing Zwift fixes the problem for me (or rebooting apple tv). It may help you, but I can’t tell you how to force close Zwift with your set-up. Zwift could help at Zwift Support Team <