Note 9 / Elite Direto / Android 9 Update Broke BT

I got a new Note 9, installed Zwift Android, paired with my Elite Direto with no problem, and off I went. Easy peasy. Everything was working perfectly.

Then my phone got the Android 9 update, and now Zwift Android can no longer find my trainer. I’ve everything I can find or think of, including a factory reset of the phone. The phone is not paired to anything else.

When I go into the phone’s BT menu, the Direto is shown as an available device, but when I try to pair I get a message, “Couldn’t pair. Check settings for this device…”

My eTraining still works in Level mode, but I think that uses ANT+ and Zwift/Android relies on BT. Is that right?

Fitbit customers are experiencing the same thing. See this post.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Has anyone successfully paired Note 9 with Direto using Android 9?

Found the fix. After the Pie update and factory reset, ANT USB Service app was missing. Downloaded and installed it, now everything seems to work again. :slight_smile: