Not working

Any chance you can post a pic of your pairing screen?

they finally got it to work with the Wahoo DirCon a few months ago.

And if you start pedaling while on the pairing screen do the power and/or cadence numbers change at all? And what is the little wrench icon to the left of the Power Source? I don’t have that on my ATV.

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Hi Gary–does the screen by any chance say ‘Rider Paused’ or ‘Ride Paused’ or something when you get into the ride?

I’m not on Apple, but I have a friend who’s having the ‘not moving’ issues, and I’m heading over to her house to help today. Going to try all the ‘too many pairings’ and ‘trainer connected somewhere else’ stuff first, but she says that Zwift keeps giving her a ‘Paused’ message.

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@Gary_Millar check out this other thread, might be something to try?

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No don’t get that message , Also I try the calibration to the 20mph but wi t go above 12 mph how hard I peddle and on paired device page if I peddle no watts or rpm change should they does anybody know ?

I’ve never used Zwift calibration, sorry. (I think Zwift even says to calibrate with the trainer’s own software, so I’ve never touched it.)

I’d say that trainer firmware might still be the issue, if it’s not up to date. A previous firmware version might still work with one piece of software (Rouvy for example) but not another (Zwift).

I get how frustrating this sort of thing can be. Sucks :frowning:

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I would unpair all of that. Then while pedaling only pair power (Do you see more than one option for power if you try to pair), you should see power number in the pairing screen.

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You should see the power and the cadence change on the pairing screen when you start peddling.

Believe me after speaking to zwift I have disconnected every single Bluetooth in my house even wife’s phone kids phones laptops etc To annoy everyone :face_with_hand_over_mouth: and still didn’t work and I do think I am a bit dumb on these matters :joy:

Is the firmware up to date? (sorry if you have already answered that)

I really hope you can figure this out. I had a friend that tread for days to get his system working (with a trainer and speed sensor I gave him). I finally went to his house got on the trainer started pedaling opened zwift and paired every thing. it turned out he tried to pair every thig without waking the sensors…LOL

I assume you tried to turn everything off and unplug it (trainer and atv)

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That friend I’m going to help today had earlier trouble getting her Kickr to pair at all (Apple TV). Turns out she was pedaling as she was trying to pair, and it didn’t like that. Stopped pedaling, and it paired. Sooooo many fiddledy little things to look into.


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Thanks for all ideas on here from all , I have spent most of today trying all even ones tried before and still can’t get rider moving

Have you contacted Wahoo yet to see if they have any ideas?

My friend’s situation is turning out to be a faulty trainer, so I don’t think parallel problems is going to help figure this out anymore. (We connected her Kickr through four different apps and three devices, and only got speed, no power or cadence broadcast from her trainer. So she’s contacting Wahoo for a warranty claim. Doesn’t look like the same issue you’re having, of you’re getting power readings in other apps.)

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I Did contact wahoo after various responses from zwift and was told direct connection adapter may help bought that and made no difference, then zwift said it was a problem they were aware of etc so really I haven’t a clue . I am actually awaiting a reply from Wahoo as have gone back to them but the rider did move on there own app .

Dang, hope you get this sorted. I don’t run Zwift through apple so I’m just stabbing in the dark, but I’ll keep you and this thread in mind if I learn anything myself.

Thanks and if I get it any luck and it working will put on here to maybe help others

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