Not uploading to Strava after new update

Anybody have this issue with the new update and got a solution?

No synced perfectly for me and I lots of my friends activities on Strava.


it’s been ok for me, have you double checked that strava connection has not been dropped for some reason. It did that for a lot of people a couple weeks ago.

if that looks good i’d still try disconnect and add again.


Thanks. All looks ok and sync fine with Garmin. Now i have tried disconnect and connect strava again. Hope it works,

Regards Allan

Thanks agani, but it just got even worse now. I had to delete and re install the app and now it just crashes every time I try to log on. It happens everywhere, iPad. iPhone and Apple TV. no idea what to do.

Is there anywhere I can get connected to someone Zwift employee to get help?

Regards, Allan

Not an answer but worth reading,