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(SteveK @Cycleoptic ICC) #21

I agree, I find that you need to be warm, and hit 3W/kg at the start of races ( wind up from -20sec) to stay with the pack, then settle into your "comfortable” effort. Many in your group will be above the maximum.
I’m bordering D-C, so slow in C faster in D sometimes exceeding the D max W/kg.
if you look at results on you’ll find ( after you’ve registered and allow them to access your data) a full list of results with power outputs and riders moved into the correct category.
enjoy :wink:

(Chris Malarkey) #22

I am new to Zwift completely, however I am a Kinetic user as well. I am beginning to wonder if you have connected to the Kinetic Fit app and used the calibration section? I have been riding about 8 months and with using the calibration and then connecting to Zwift, it seems to me that the average riding rate I am seeing on Zwift corresponds very closely to what I average when riding on the road.