Not Sure I like the Swapped +/-

I’m finding the new +/- in the rider list a bit confusing. It seemed more logical to me to look at another rider’s name and see he was -20 seconds back…or -1:00minute back…It seems less logical to look at it and now think “I am 20 seconds ahead, or 1 minute ahead.”

In the end, I supposed it’s what you get used to so now is the right time to make the change, but personally I preferred it the original way.


I’m the opposite and prefer the new format. It’s more like race results. I guess personal choice.

I agree, I like the old way as it seemed more intuitive (which is why I made it that way originally) but it is backwards from what is typically shown in races as Craig points out. I think once we all get used to it it’ll be ok. Change is hard.

Heh, well I suppose it is a more positive mental outlook to see the rider list and think you are “ahead”.

Yah, I’m sure it’s just a matter of what you get used to so you were smart to change it now.