Not showing in Zwiftpower individual rankings

I have no issues with my Zwiftpower account. It connects, is updated with rankings points, race results etc. BUT I do not show up in the individual ranking section no matter how I search or filter in the ranking list. Previously I have not had this issue, it’s something that I only have been experiencing lately.

Is this a known bug? I have not been able to find a similar issue on the Zwift Forums.


If you are using the filters search under category C not your ZP category D (or use All categories). I don’t know why the filter shows you as C Cat when ZP has you as D cat.

I can see you in the rankings if I filter you into the top 999 by filtering on:
Age and Weight
Age and Country
Weight and Country

[edit : Possibly the old race category system is still being produced behind the scenes and used by the filter within Individual Rankings search ? ]

We’ll have a look at this

Hoping to have this fixed today.

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Thanks James! :slight_smile:

Works again :slight_smile: Thanks!

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