Not saving rides (no fit files) again

It looks like the app last saved a FIT file on 6th August. Perhaps there was a release around this time?

Zwift version: 1.0.54537 (Zwift_ver_cur.xml)

Windows 10 ver 2004
Build 19041.450

Are you using OneDrive or any 3rd party anti-virus software?

Yes, OneDrive…?

What are you saying “yes” to?

If it is a 3rd party anti-virus you can try disabling it or excluding the Zwift folders to see if that helps.

Sorry, yes I’m using OneDrive. Is this a known incompatibility?


Try going to settings, choose folders and unclicking Documents\Zwift and see if that helps.

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Made no difference. I even reinstalled Zwift

When reinstalling did you use these steps: