Not running on W10 tablet


I tried to install the software on the surf tab duo w1 and got this window

Try disabling your anti-virus software, in case that’s blocking it.

Thanks, but that didn’t help.

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Hold on, a Surface Duo? That’s got an Arm processor and not Intel. So Zwift for Windows isn’t going to run on it.

It has a Intel atom x5-Z8300 (up to 1.84 GHz quad core) and 2 GB RAM.

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Ok, so it’s not a Surface Duo then?

Well Windows certainly doesn’t like the type of binary that you’re trying to install, which is what the 216 code indicates.

It’s not a 32-bit version of Windows, is it?

That’s the information I got on specs.

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Das Billig-Teil hat nicht annhähernd die Leistungsfähigkeit, die Zwift zum Ausführen des Spiels braucht.

english: This device has not the ability to run zwift.

Aha! Sorry, I incorrectly assumed that “Surf Tab” was short for “Surface Tablet”.

In theory it looks like the installer should run, but as Ben said that’s a very low-power CPU and the graphics are similarly likely to struggle anyway with Zwift.

You could raise a support ticket with Zwift about the installer failing, but I’ve got a feeling that they’ll tell you it doesn’t meet the minimum spec for Zwift.

Zwift says, at least 8GB RAM and a Core 2 Duo.
This device has 2GB and a Intel Atom.
I really wonder, how even the OS is running on such a ***** device.

Get yourself a used gaming PC with like i5-4xxx, 8GB RAM, a small SSD and a Nvidia GPU like 750/760 or 9xx. Hook that up to a big TV.