Not responding crash Windows 10 - UDP Connection?


Zwift is regularly crashing, displaying “Not Responding” on Windows 10. This can happen at any time into a session.

I’m using a Dell XPS 13 (9300) about 6 months old, so not exactly a cheap laptop. Everything is up to date. I have 200Mb fibre broadband. I’ve used a WiFi connection to an Eero mesh, and I’ve also tried a TP-Link range extender.

Zwiftalizer shows no problems apart from a tiny blip on Network TCP Connection Attempts. Looking at the logs at about the time it crashes, I get:

[14:09:27] NETCLIENT:[WARN] UDP connection timeout (1 so far), reconnection attempt 1

[14:09:27] NETCLIENT:[INFO] Connecting to UDP server…

Any ideas please?

If it’s something as simple as this, I can’t believe the program crashes. I see there are many similar reports on the internet and on these forums. Are they looking in to it? I’ve just about had enough.

Hi @Thrippets

welcome to the forum.

Thanks for posting the Zwiftalizer picture.

Was that ride a Group ride or a single ride?


Thanks… I always ride solo.

Wow that is pretty low FPS for such a expensive laptop.

I wonder if there is not something running the background.

Try looking at your windows crash log maybe that can shed some light on it.

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Intel Iris iGPU… once more. I believe it is the GPU, search in forum how many users have issues. It is not only Zwift, search Google.

Let’s hope the update which should come this week helps.

Thanks… I’ve had a look around but nothing jumps out as an issue.

Thanks Milan

You are welcome,
Sorry, it is no help, I know. But I believe Zwift knows about the issue, perhaps there will be a solution.

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I see there may be an update coming today/tomorrow but whether it contains a fix for this, who knows :man_shrugging:t3:

Hey Mike. I’m not seeing a resolution to your problem so thought I’d tell what we just did to resolve what appears to be the same issue. After updating every device we then uninstalled Windows in our brand new laptop and reinstalled. During the process we discovered a graphics driver needed an update which we did. Have only ridden once for 44 miles but not one glitch. Hope you’re riding trouble free now or soon.