Not possible to end and save?

Hi everybody,
I experienced the following for the first time today:
I finished the KISS community ride for women, saw the leaderboard and results - and switched back to London - as offered.
There, I was on my own - there were riders - but all wearing the Zwift jersey - and nameless. I could only see my name etc. on the list.
After a short cool down of a couple of minutes there, I wanted to end the workout - BUT it was not possible… there was something going on (the progress circle was moving and moving) - but after about 45minutes I closed down the program.

Did that happen to you?
Is it all gone or is there a chance to get the data back?
There was an Internet connection all throughout the race - no trouble with that…
Swift Power shows that there was a queue of uploads and fit data that needed to be uploaded - maybe there were some problems today?

Looking forward to hearing from you - and it’s too bad that the race result seems to be gone, of course…

Best, Julia