not participate in a race

Hi! I am a newbie and have a question. I was having a leisurely ride  when a race started. I just kept pedaling away at my own pace. They someone posted about people who were not part of the “group” to not participate in the race. I didn’t know how to NOT participate, so I just ended my ride early. when a group starts a ride or race, how do I not participate? does that mean I cant do my ride when such a group is riding? now I fell uneasy about doing a ride for fear of getting in the way of some people!

Hi Fran

It could be that someone posted something about non-participants riding with a race group as a means to ride quicker or get a feeling for race-pace but they didn’t actually sign up for the race/event.

This in no way involves your ride - you are free to ride in whatever way you want.

You should not feel uneasy about your own ride, leisurely or not. You cannot get in the way of race or other event participants.

You ride your ride, they ride theirs. Have fun and enjoy.

Ride On!

People complain about everything. Don’t even listen to it. Enjoy your rides.  :slight_smile:

Just ignore any comments like this. I’ve been out free riding on Zwift and a race comes by. For fun I’ve jumped into the bunch and rode with them a bit before carrying on my own ride.

Race organizers have the option of making their event private so that non participants are not visible to those taking part.