Not getting Teleported before a race/event

I have noticed that I am not getting prompted to be teleported over to an event a few minutes before it starts, sometimes logging out of zwift and then back in will get me there…sometimes not, is there a quick fix suggestion? Thank you.

My understanding is that if you get into Zwift w/less than 5 min to go before the event, it will not prompt you. Why? I have no idea.

If the above is not your scenario, then perhaps make sure to close/force-quit both the Zwift app and Zwift Companion app after each Zwift session.

Thanks for the response. I had been getting prompted before with less than 5 minutes to go but maybe that’s changed? Will make sure to quit the app after each use. Thanks again.

Aside from making sure you are running the latest versions, force quitting both the Zwift app and the Companion app after each use actually solves many problems.